How to use WhatsApp on your computer

Although WhatsApp is used primarily on your phone, you can actually use it on your desktop as well. This can be really useful if want to message people while on your computer, or if you’ve temporarily lost your phone and need to send some important messages.

How to use WhatsApp on your computer

There are two ways to go about using WhatsApp on your computer: 

Using a browser

By going to the WhatsApp website, you can scan a QR code with your WhatsApp app on your phone in order to sync it with the browser. Not everything can be done through the browser version of WhatsApp, but it retains its basic functionality.

WhatsApp on PC

As you can see, the WhatsApp website explains exactly what you need to with the QR code to scan it. First, you open the app on your phone, then press Settings, then WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Your phone will open a camera that you can use to scan the QR Code.

WhatsApp on PC

Once that is done, you should see this screen with all your account information and messages on the left side. From here, you can send messages or adjust your account settings.

Installing the application

Instead of using the browser, you can install WhatsApp directly onto your desktop. This version of WhatsApp features full functionality, and runs much smoother (though it may not work on some older computer models). You will have to scan a QR code once installation is complete, just like with the browser version. 

The advantages of using WhatsApp on your computer

Although there are some limitations, using WhatsApp on your computer has some advantages over using it on your phone:

1. It is useful to send documents to your contacts that you have on your PC

In addition, PC connections tend to be faster, so your attachments will be sent and received sooner.

2. It is easier to write long texts without mistakes

You will avoid the embarrassment of falling prey to autocorrect! Your fast fingers on a phone could lead to a terrifying error. Installing Whatsapp on your computer allows you to work on other tasks at the same time and copy text from other websites more easily.

3. It is also practical to manage and delete chats

How many times have you wanted to review and delete conversations but avoided it out of laziness? With a keyboard and mouse, this process is much faster.

In addition to these three advantages, WhatsApp for PC and Mac has practically the same options as its app : creation and management of groups, configuration and editing of the profile, possibility of sending voice notes and/or photos (as long as you have microphone and/or camera on the computer, of course).


Source:- softonic